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Prop making services, replica and original work, commissions taken. 

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In the shop, spent too much time cutting out a "Not quite 1:1 scale" cardboard version of my head. 

About John of Neolithic Noggin Props

I live and work in Santa Barbara CA. Most of my time is spent either in my shop at the Santa Barbara Hacker Space or at Metro Entertainment, the comic book shop I lovingly call my "Day Job". 

My wife and I moved here shortly after high school and have since continually renewed our subscription to Too High Rent, Netflix and Summer Sunburns.

I began building props and sets in high school for the theater in my small charter school. I had given it up for a while in favor of a real job doing IT work at a local company but I kept getting that urge to make. So about 6 months ago I quit my full time gig, got a part time one at the local comic book shop (a childhood dream of mine) and began working on honing my skills as a craftsmen. 

I could say a bunch of Ron Swanson (Nick Offermen) quotes, or say that Adam Savage inspired me ( both very funny and very inspirational to me, respectively), but in all honesty the single most influential part of all this is something my father told me when I was about 12 when he handed my my first box of computer parts, "Don't Force anything." So I have tried my best not to.